Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2012 -- 85% of ladies face with cellulite & until today this issue has not a standard treatment. The causes of cellulite are plenty of, treatments are complicated & lengthy & effects are not guaranteed. This is why was created The Cellulite Factor. This is a effective program to get rid permanently of ugly cellulite.

Cellulite Factor is a new program specially created to bring hope in ladies life. The person behind The Cellulite Factor is Dr. Charles Livingston, creator of Fat Loss Factor. While The Fat Loss Factor is based on natural methods for burning fat all over the body, The Cellulite Factor is created to get rid of undesirable cellulite around the hips, thighs & buttocks.

Dr. Charles is a well respected physician & fat loss specialist & through his new Cellulite Factor teaches ladies how to maintain cellulite at distance, how to get rid of it for an extended timeframe if not permanently, using simple & pleasant methods .

Toxins are the main responsible for cellulite. Bad eating habits, excessive consumption of caffeine, smoking & lack of exercise are a number of the factors that influence the appearance of cellulite. Besides these, the genetic factors had an important place in how toxins contribute to cellulite. To learn more about the factors responsible for cellulite visit the Official Website.

In order to accomplish the dream of all ladies The Cellulite Factor includes the Cellulite Factor book, every day meal designs, a food diary, a grocery list as well as a toxin avoidance handbook. Weight loss through healthy diet & exercise is probably the most beneficial treatment for cellulite. Losing pounds & strengthening muscles of the legs, thighs & buttocks can improve the appearance of the skin. With Cellulite Factor benefits of weight loss without other interventions are still limited.

The latest cellulite reduction program shows step-by-step how to get rid permanently of cellulite. The technique will learn ladies how to increase blood flow & decrease water retention, what foods they ought to eat to slow down cellulite & to speed the reduction. In an comprehensive video Dr. Charles reveals why all the techniques on the market like anti-cellulite creams or liposuction are ineffective.

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